Membership Benefits

1. Full Membership in US Figure Skating – includes an annual subscription to the award-winning Skating magazine.

2. Full Membership in Lone Star Figure Skating Club of Texas.

3. Social Events – including annual Summer party, Halloween party, Christmas party, Valentine party,  exhibitions for Southwestern Regionals, Midwestern Sectionals, US Nationals, and Adult Nationals competitions.  Others as fundraising allows.

4. Test Sessions – discounted test sessions are offered throughout the year. The number of test sessions offered throughout the year allows skaters the opportunity to test when ready so goals  can be achieved at their pace.

5. Skater  Development – Master class or Seminar will be hosted at 2017 Cannon Texas Open.

6. Critiques of Skaters Programs – National and International Competition Judges and Technical Specialists are brought in to evaluate skater’s programs.  These critiques include a private discussion among the skater, judge and coach. Offered a minimum of two times per year.

7. Competitions – Our club hosts ShowSkate in March, and Cannon Texas Open in July providing skaters the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

8. Financial Stipends – Financial Assistance to eligible skaters who compete at Southwest Regionals, Midwestern Sectionals, US Nationals, National Showcase, National Solo Dance, Adult Nationals and State Games of America competitions.  The amount given is based on the financial strength of the club.

9. Membership Discount – earn up to $100.00 off next years membership by volunteering hours and/or donating food or drinks.

10. Club Jacket – Lone Star FSC of Texas club jacket with its unique Club logo are available at cost or may be given to those skaters who compete at  Southwestern Regionals, Midwestern Sectionals, NSDS Finals, State Games, US Nationals, Adult Nationals, and any other National/Regional competition. This is based on the financial strength of the club.

11. Skaters of the Year – USFS Qualifying, Non-qualifying, Basic Skill and Adult skaters will be nominated by their coach, must be a current full member.

12. Special Awards – Intermediate Lady-Dr. McKeever Award, Senior Dance-Greg Cannon Award awarded at Cannon Texas Open.

13. Club Newsletter

14. Complimentary USFS test patches for tests passed with Lone Star FSC

15. Gold Test Medal Award – A gold medal will be awarded to all current full members who complete 70% of their Moves or Pattern Dance Test with Lone Star Figure Skating Club of Texas, must be a current member.