Rising Star (Basic Skills Series)Program

Is a Basic Skills Competition Series created to offer Lone Star FSC Basic Skills Members the opportunity to participate in three local Basic Skills competitions.

The Basic Skills Competition Series continues to be a huge success for beginning skaters and their families, it is a fun way to introduce skaters and their parents to the world of United States Figure Skating (USFS).

The skaters must participate in Basic Skills 1-8 or Free Skate 1-6 and/or Compulsory events in  Cannon Texas Open, Snowplow Sam, and ShowSkate to be eligible for accumulating points. A Trophy will be presented to the top skater with the highest point total.

The Basic Skills 1-8, Free Skate 1-6, and the Compulsory events in each of the Series Competitions will be eligible for accumulating points. The system of scoring points for the trophies will be as follows:

1st place     6 points

2nd place     5 points

3rd place     4 points

4th place      3 points

5th place      2 points

6th place       1 point

The Basic Skills Competition Series promotes a fun and positive competitive experience for our Basic Skills skaters

that are just entering the sport.

If  you would like your skater to participate submit the following information to starsfscevents@gmail.com

Skater’s Name

Basic Skills Program #

Parent Name


Email Address

Telephone Number